Planning to Develop Your Land?

Planning to Develop Your Land?

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The first step of any land development project is clearing the area. You won't be able to get much work done until any trees and brush are out of your way. When you need to clear a large area of undeveloped or forested land, rely on Lone Oak Tree Service. We'll work efficiently so you can get started on your project ASAP. You can trust us to complete the felling process with the utmost attention to safety.

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You can expect us to show up to your job site properly equipped to remove trees as safely and efficiently as possible. Please keep in mind:

  • We can handle up to 4 acres per day
  • Bucking services upon request to any specified length
  • We charge $25 per tree up to $2500 per acre for Felling
  • We charge $35 per tree up to $3500 per acre for Felling & Bucking

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